Interior French Doors Add Visual Space

Interior French doors give an elegant look to the interiors of the house besides adding visual space. Indoor French doors are double the size of normal doors. They have multiple windows which are set into the entire length of the door. Because these doors are transparent they allow light to pass through the room even if you keep the doors closed. This is especially nice for stuffy rooms or a large living room.

The width of double French doors is larger than a single door. If there are large archways in your home that do not have attached doors double French doors can be ideal.

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French doors not only bring the outside inside the house, the sliding French type are very useful for small balconies where you can simply push aside the door without cramping up the space. These doors require very little maintenance.

Arched French doors come in many styles. Some are with panes of glass running the entire length of the door without any obstructions while others may have more intricate designs on them. Some of them have extra panes of glass in the sides which allows more light to filter through the room. Homes with arched doorways can benefit from the installation of arched French doors because they can divide the rooms without compromising on the light.

French doors can open up homes because they are constructed of glass panes and offer an uninterrupted view of the outside even with the doors shut. Interior sliding French doors make a great option for living rooms when you want to view the outside yet do not want to block too much space with doors. They are also ideal for rooms overlooking the patio as the patio furniture need not be re-adjusted every time the doors are opened.

French door installation is very easy if you buy them pre-assembled or pre-hung. All that needs to be done is to simply fit them in to their frames.

Bifold inside french doors consist of two or more panels which are hinged together. These are useful as room dividers when the doors need to be as compressed as possible to create more space. French bifold doors are a useful alternative to traditional doors as they can open up spaces.

Unlike conventional interior doors which close off the rooms totally, an interior French door will give the required privacy while permitting light to pass through the rooms. A library or study or home office can be cordoned off with an interior French door without seeming to be rude.

French doors are known for their panels of glass and interior French door treatments are varied and personal. You can opt for one large pane of glass encompassing the whole door or go in for smaller, multiple units of glass. The glass can be etched, bevelled, glazed, textured or stained according to your personal preference. The trimmings can be of different types of wood.

If you are lucky enough to have a large, spacious home, interior French doors are the way to add that element of style to your interiors.

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