Velux Skylights For Adding Daylight To Your Rooms

Velux skylights are a sure shot way to fill your rooms with natural light as well as fresh air. These tubular skylights will not only make your room look much more beautiful and spacious but will also uplift your spirits every time you enter the room. A roof skylight can actually transform a boring and conventional room into majestic and splendid spaces which add a lot of quality and value to your home and life. These skylight windows allow a whole amount of pleasant breeze to enter the room and lets you bring the best of the outdoor world in your very own bedroom.

Velux has the most operable skylights and are designed for within-reach as well as out-of-reach applications. these skylights are present in variety of types like dome skylights, birdview skylights, tubular skylights, wasco skylights, Pella skylights etc. They are also available in a variety of sizes so that can easily integrate in your ceiling, your roof construction and your home in general.

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Look at the 22.5 in. fixed curb-mounted skylight. It has tempered, laminated glass to cut down on UV rays, a wood frame and aluminum cladding while a gasket seals out water and wind. Also look at the Velux VS-C06 skylight with tempered glass and aluminum frame. It has Argon gas dual-pane energy efficient glass. This opens and closes with Velux control rods.

It is very easy to install a skylight, and you can usually do it on your own. You can also choose to have an industrial skylight or an energy efficient type that will not only introduce more natural sunlight in your home and make your rooms feel much more spacious, beautiful and expansive but will also help in decreasing the overall energy and lighting costs. When opened up, they can also provide ventilation in those rooms that are not well ventilated. Most Velux skylights come with a flashing system for sealing the roof effectively.

There are basically two sorts of skylights. They are curb-mounted skylights and frame in place skylights. A curb-mounted skylight has the skylight raised above the height of the roof. It is either set as part of a curb usually wooden or else the curb itself belongs to the main unit, whereas a framed-in-place skylight needs to be installed like a vertical window, and fits at the same height of the roof structure. Usually L-shaped brackets are used for skylight fixing.

The Curb-mounted skylights can be fitted with a dome of acrylic but sometimes with glass. In the case of framed-in-place skylights, they are always glazed with glass. Both of them can use insulated glass. The glazing on the top-of-the-line skylights should have low emissive coatings and for more energy efficiency you can also have them filled with argon gas.

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